GRAMMY Amplifier® Winner, Kirby Maurier, graced the stage on Thursday night at The Recording Academy® San Francisco Chapter GRAMMY Pro® Songwriters Summit with D’Wayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Toné & Fantastic Negrito in Oakland, California. The three songwriters performed songs in turn and told the stories that inspired them, while sharing their musical journeys and experiences with the craft of songwriting. This evening was designed to inform and inspire music creators from all backgrounds, genres, and disciplines, providing ideas to put into practice in the studio and on the road.

The night started with a medley from D’Wayne highlighting songs that he wrote and the songs that inspired those compositions. Then San Francisco GRAMMY Chapter Executive Director Michael Winger introduced Fantastic Negrito who performed his first song of the night. Kirby then was introduced and performed her single “I’m Jus Sayin” with 1/4 of her band, Kevo, on guitar. The night went on as each performer sang songs while giving background on what it took to write them. Kirby wowed the crowd and even her guitarist was urged to do a solo.

Overall, we heard amazing stories of triumph from Fantastic Negrito and heard classics we grew up on from Tony Toni Toné and Kirby like we’ve never heard before. Special thanks to everyone at The Recording Academy® San Francisco Chapter, Michael Winger, the staff at The Uptown, Hyundai and everyone from the GRAMMY Amplifier program.

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